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Difference between Positive Testing and Negative Testing

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 17 Oct, 2020
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Positive Testing:
Positive testing is a type of software testing that is performed by assuming everything will be as expected. It is performed with the assumption that only valid and relevant things will occur. data set and all other functionalities will be as expected.

Negative Testing:
Negative testing is a type of software testing that is performed to check the system for unexpected conditions. Negative testing plays a much important role in high-performance software development. It checks whether on such unexpected conditions what will be the behavior of the software.

Difference between Positive Testing and Negative Testing:

Positive TestingNegative Testing
It is performed only for expected conditions.It is performed for unexpected conditions.
It doesn’t cover all possible cases.It covers all possible cases.
It doesn’t ensure a good quality product.It ensures a good quality product.
It is less important as compared to Negative testing.It is more important as compared to Positive testing.
It can be performed by people having less knowledge.It can only be performed by professionals.
It takes less time.It takes more time.
It is performed on every application.It is performed where are chances of unexpected conditions.
It ensures software is normal.It ensures 100% defect free software.
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