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Difference between Phishing and Vishing
  • Last Updated : 11 Jun, 2020

There are several types of Email attacks that are used by the attackers to steal the confidential information from users. The confidential information may include login credentials, bank card details or any other sensitive data. Phishing and Vishing are also such types of attacks.

1. Phishing :
Phishing is a type of email attack in which the attacker tries to find the sensitive information of users in a fraud manner through electronic communication by intending to be from a related trusted organization. Attackers design emails carefully to target a group and clicking on link installs malicious code on the computer.

Example –

  • Stealing bank transaction password from users.
  • Stealing login credentials from users.

2. Vishing :
Vishing is the type of cyber attack in which voice communication is used for stealing the confidential data from group of people. In vishing, attacker tricks the target to give the sensitive information through the voice call pretending to be an employee from the related and trusted firm.

Example –

  • Asking for bank transaction OTP from users.
  • Asking for UPI PIN from users.

Difference between Phishing and Vishing :

Phishing attack is targeted for a wide range of people through emails.Vishing attack is also targeted for a wide range of people through voice communication.
Victim needs to click on malicious links.Victim needs to tell the information on own.
It is an automated attack.While it is a manual attack.
A single attacker can send various emails at a time.Voice calling to target can be done by a attacker one a time.
It has more accuracy.It has less accuracy.
It is more used now-a-days.It was mostly used in earlier days but still attackers use it.
The attackers involved in phishing are cyber criminals or professional hackers.While the vishing attackers are not expert in hacking.

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