Difference between Pair Programming and Peer Reviews

Pair Programming:
Pair programming is a component of extreme programming. It works on the principle that two people forms a pair and are definitely better than one. It involves analysis of the hypothesis for the design before it is being created. It requires real time interaction between the members of the pair. Pair programming can be used for both testing and coding.

Peer Reviews:
Peer reviews is a standardized method to verify the source code for correctness in software development. The defects are detected and corrected in this method after the development of the product. There is no discussion about the design and creation of the product at early stage in development phase. In peer reviews a checklist is developed and should be updated from time to time.

The difference between Pair Programming and Peer Reviews are as follows:

S.No. Pair Programming Peer Reviews
1. Pair Programming is concerned with only two people that forms a pair. Peer reviews requires more number of people for reviewing.
2. Real time interaction between pair takes place in pair programming. While in peer reviews batch type of interaction among many members of the review team takes place.
3. In pair programming, both members of the pair are mutually responsible for the creation of the product. While in peer reviews, only the developer is responsible for the creation of the product and other team members are for the product review task only.
4. In pair programming, discussions are carried out throughout the process of development. In peer reviews, reviewers see only the final product after the development phase.
5. Development effort is more in the pair programming as compared to peer reviews. Development effort is less but all group members in peer reviews requires time to study documents.
6. Pair programming can provide continuous and constant guidance to the new members from the experienced members. While in peer reviews, checklist documents guide new members of review team and all group members have to must attend review meetings.

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