Difference between Organic Search and Paid Search

Organic Search: Organic Search results are the unpaid sections in the search engine results page that are determined based on the content’s relevance to the keyword query rather than because of Search Engine Marketing. A website can take advantage of organic search by presenting the website to Google to be filed and afterward making website pages that depend on specific keywords that the site is focusing on. A website’s organic rank does not cost any amount every month. The main expense is the time and exertion to get to that ranking.

Paid Search: Paid searches are advertisements. Search engines will show ads close by organic search results. This is the primary way search engines make a profit. Advertisements are almost consistently shown at the very top of a search result, or in a left/right sidebar. Paid search works on a pay-per-click model. Paid search is a kind of contextual advertising where site owners pay a charge to have their site shown in top search engine results page placement.

    Organic Search vs Paid Search

    Organic Search Paid Search
    Organic Search results appear in the middle of the page. Paid Search results appear at the top of web page.
    Organic Search gets less clicks. Paid search gets more clicks.
    Organic Search is a long process to get rank in one of the top positions. By paying big amount, site can be ranked on top quickly.
    Traffic is better than other forms. Traffic is not better than other forms.
    Conversion is not as good as Paid search traffic. Highly optimized keywords generate more conversions.
    It is long lasting. Traffic will stop if paying per click is stopped.

Interesting Facts:

  • Organic Search is 5.66 times better than Paid Search.
  • 1 out of 10 blog posts are intensifying, which means their organic search traffic increases with time.
  • Maximum search questions are 4 words or longer.
  • Paid Click-Through Rate has seen a minute increase in performance from 2015 (3.38%) to 2018 (3.82%). (Source- JumpShot Clickstream Data)

Conclusion: Both the methods have it’s own uniqueness or advantages but it is widely believed that Organic Search is more effective than Paid search in the long run. Paid Search which is extremely costly can be beneficial only for a small period of time.

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