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Difference between Oracle and dBASE

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  • Last Updated : 05 Aug, 2021
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1. Oracle : 
Oracle is a commercial software developed by Oracle Corporation. Oracle widely uses RDBMS. Oracle allows quick and safe store and retrieval of data. It is used for running Online Transaction Processing and Data Warehousing. Oracle runs on the most major operating systems like Mac OS, UNIX, Windows and Linux. Oracle has networking stack, allows application from a different platform to communicate with the Oracle easily. 

2. dBASE : 
dBASE was one of the most successful database management systems for microcomputers. It was the first commercially successful database system for personal computers. It is used for creating and manipulating relational databases (RDBMS). DBASE uses procedural functions and commands similar to the BASIC language. It uses simple commands for data manipulation like USE, GO TOP, and more. 

Difference between Oracle and dBASE :  

1.It was developed by Oracle Corporation.It was developed by Ashton Tate.
2.It was launched in 1980.It was launched in 1979.
3.Run over operating system is Oracle.Run over operating systems are DOS (dBASE Classic) and Windows (dBASE Pro).
4.It is an commercial software.It is also commercial software.
5.JDBC, ODBC, ODP.NET and Oracle Call Interface (OCI) are the APIs and access methods used in Oracle.No APIs and access method are used in dBASE.
6.Oracle is implemented in C and C++ languages.dBASE is implemented in SQL languages.
7.It uses Horizontal partitioning with the Optional Oracle Partitioning methods.dBASE does not use any partitioning method.
8.Referential integrity is used in Oracle.Referential integrity is used in dBASE.
9.It uses Selectable Replication method.It does not use any replication method.
10.ACID properties of transaction is used.There are no transaction concepts for dBASE internal data, but IDE does support transactions when accessing external DBMS.


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