Difference between Operational Systems and Informational Systems

1. Operational Systems :
An operational system is a generally known term in data warehousing that specifies a system which is used to maintain records of daily business transactions in an organization. Operational system is also termed as Online Transaction Processing (OLTP). Operational systems have to deal with the running data values and consists of data like payroll, inventory, order and other daily operations data.

2. Informational Systems :
Informational systems are the standardized systems that are commonly implemented within the people, processes, and technology in an organization for improving the interaction. Informational systems are designed to deals with the collection, compilation of data and deriving information from that data. Informational systems are used everywhere for increasing the performance of the businesses and organizations.

Difference between Operational Systems and Informational Systems :

S.No Operational Systems Informational Systems
1. Operational systems are designed to deal with the running values of data. Informational Systems deals with the collection, compilation and deriving information from data.
2. In operational systems, optimization of data structure is done for transactions. In informational systems, optimization of data structure is done for complex queries.
3. Operational systems have response time of sub-seconds. While informational systems have a response time of few seconds to minutes.
4. Operational systems are generally suited for small volumes of data. Informational Systems are mainly designed for large volumes of data and hence convenient to use.
5. Operational systems are process oriented. While informational systems are subject oriented.
6. Operational systems supports various data access operations such as read, update and delete. Informational systems only supports read operation for data access.

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