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Difference between Operating System and Kernel

Last Updated : 20 Apr, 2023
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Operating System: 
It is a system program that provides interface between user and computer. When computer boots up Operating System is the first program that loads. 

A kernel is the core component of an operating system. It is also a system program. It is the part of Operating System which converts user commands into machine language. 

Difference between Operating System and Kernel: 

Operating System Kernel
Operating System is a system software. Kernel is system software which is part of operating system.
Operating System provides interface between user and hardware. Kernel provides interface between applications and hardware.
It also provides protection and security. It’s main purpose is memory management, disk management, process management and task management.
An operating system is a complete software package that includes a kernel and other system-level components such as device drivers, system libraries, and utilities. The kernel, on the other hand, is the core of the operating system that manages system resources, such as the CPU, memory, and I/O devices.
the operating system provides a higher-level interface to the user, such as the GUI, command-line interface, and file system. The kernel provides low-level services, such as memory management, process management, and device management, to other parts of the operating system
the operating system is a more complex system that includes a large number of components. The kernel is a relatively small and simple component of the operating system, 
 the operating system provides a more general-purpose interface that can be used on a wide range of hardware platforms. The kernel is often customized for specific hardware platforms or applications, 
The operating system is designed to be portable across different hardware platforms,  the kernel is often platform-specific.
All system needs operating system to run. All operating systems need kernel to run.
Type of operating system includes single and multiuser OS, multiprocessor OS, Realtime OS, Distributed OS. Type of kernel includes Monolithic and Micro kernel.
It is the first program to load when computer boots up. It is the first program to load when operating system loads.

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