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Difference between Open Source Database and Commercial Database

  • Last Updated : 23 Nov, 2020

1. Open Source Database :
An open source database is a database that anyone can easily view the source code and this is open and free to download. Also for community version some small additional and affordable cost are imposed. Open Source Database provide Limited technical support to end users. Here Installation and updates are administered by user. For examples: MYSQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB etc.

2. Commercial Database :
Commercial database are that which has been created for Commercial Purpose only. They are premium and are not free like Open Source Database. In Commercial Database it is guaranteed that technical support is provided. In this Installation and updates are Administrated by software Vendor. For examples: Oracle, IBM DB2 etc.

Difference between Open Source Database and Commercial Database :

Open Source DatabaseCommercial Database
In open source Database anyone can easily view Source code of it.Commercial Database are that which has been created for Commercial purpose only.
Examples: MYSQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB etc.Examples: Oracle, DB2, Splunck etc.
They are free or have additional and affordable cost.They are premium and are not free like open source database.
It provide limited technical support.It provide guaranteed technical support.
In this software is available under free licensing.In this Software is available under high licensing cost.
In this User’s needs to rely on Community Support.In this user’s get dedicated support from Vendor’s from where one’s buy.
In this Installation and Updates are  administrated by user.In this Installation and updates are administrated by Software Vendor.

Which Database is Better : Commercial or Open Source Database :
In conclusion, it is important to remember that both Commercial and Open Source database have their own Advantages and Disadvantages. If we considered which Database is better, then in most cases it makes sense to choose Open Source as compared to Commercial Database because :

  • Open Source database is Cost effective.
  • Better quality source code.
  • More secure.
  • More preferred.

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