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Difference between Online marketing and Offline marketing in SEO

Last Updated : 21 Jun, 2022
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1. Online marketing: Online marketing is the process of selling products or goods through online channels like social media, ads, and e-mail. 

Advantages :

  • Sell their products within a few seconds of click at any time.
  • We can easily offer content, audio, and video clips on the internet for a very low cost.

Disadvantage :

  • Risk of click fraud.
  • Difficulty products effective ads.

2. Offline marketing: Offline marketing is the process of selling products or goods through offline channels like print ads, telemarketing, etc. 

Advantages :

  • Order exactly what you need.
  • Valuable for promoting a loyalty scheme.

Disadvantages :

  • It is time-consuming.
  • Limitation in the audience reached and limited accessibility.

Difference between online marketing and offline marketing :

S. No. Online marketing Offline marketing
1. Online marketing is generally focus on content. Offline marketing is generally focus on product.
2. Online marketing includes third party like media, web content, search e-mail, social media. Offline marketing includes mass media, phone center, telephone.
3. Online marketing communicates customers with e-mails, chat, social media. Offline marketing communicates with customer with their mobile number and staff.
4. Target audience met at one place. Target audience is scattered.
5. It is cost effective. It is high marketing cost.
6. It helps in directly reaches out to the professionals of the industry and market. It does not directly reaches out to the professionals due to some barriers.
7. Prospective buyer cannot visible. It directly visible to their prospective buyer.
8. Less people to manage. Large people to manage.
9. The tools such as Google webmaster tools, AdWords information center, and other tools, can be used to check view rate, conversion rate, and overall advertising success of internet marketing.  Here, is the challenging task of measuring the success of print, radio, and television advertising because it is uncertain whether an audience will make a purchase or not. 
10. Using Content marketing tactics your content can reach to a worldwide audience. Every day, content reaches thousands of individuals, boosting your influence and coverage.  This may not be possible with offline marketing.
11. In online marketing, you can sell a product all across the world without even opening local stores.  No need to keep large stocks. It ensures global exposure. Offline promotions have their own limitations. It never ensures maximum exposure.  
12. Internet marketing has no time constraints. Customers can visit your website at any time and purchase your items or services.  Here, you can only expect sales or clients once your store is open.
13. Online marketing helps you in growing your business by targeting a specific group of customers with a specific offer. You can also target a certain group of people for promotions. It is quite a challenge to implement these types of strategies in offline scenarios. These tactics can only be used by small businesses to retain clients.

Various ways of Online Marketing

  • Affiliate marketing:
  • Social media marketing
  • Word of mouth marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  •  Email Marketing
  • Influencer marketing
  • Brand marketing
  • Cause marketing

Various ways of Offline Marketing

  • Billboard ads
  • Business cards
  • Direct mail
  • Telemarketing
  • Print ads

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