Difference between Numerical Control (NC) and Computer Numerical Control (CNC)

In today’s world each producing industries needs high accuracy product in less time. And this complexness of high accuracy in minimum time may be achieved by use of Numerical Control (NC) and CNC(Computer Numerical Control) machine. Most folks don’t recognize the fundamental distinction between these machines. Here we’ll discuss regarding the fundamental variations among them.

Numerical Control (NC):
It is a technique of mechanically operational a producing machine supported a code letters, numbers and special characters. It offers less accuracy and fewer computing power than Computer Numerical Control and also take more time to execute a job.

Computer Numerical Control (CNC):
It generated by merging the computer with the Numerical control. The numerical data or information needed to provide a section or part is provided to a machine within the kind of program referred to as, part program or Computer Numerical Control.

Difference between Numerical Control (NC) and Computer Numerical Control (CNC):

1. NC stands for Numerical Control And CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control.
2. Punch tapes and punch cards are used for input. Keyboards are used for input.
3. Here, Alteration in operation parameters are not possible. While here, Alteration in operation parameters can be possible.
4. Here, Memory does not exist for storing instructions. Here, Memory exists to store instructions.
5. CN is less expensive. CNC is highly expensive.
6. Maintenance cost is less. Maintenance cost is high.
7. Highly skilled operators are required. Less skilled operators are required.
8. CN is less flexible. CNC is more flexible than CN.
9. The accuracy is less as compared with the CNC. It has high accuracy.
10. It takes more time in the execution of the job. It takes less time in the execution of the job.
11. It is uphill to run it unceasingly. It may be run unceasingly for twenty-four hours of each day.

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