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Difference between Normal Processor and AI Processor

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  • Last Updated : 17 Jul, 2020

Normal Processor :
The processors mainly used in several personal computers are normal processors. Basically the central processing unit is described as a processor of the system. It uses integrated chips to organize all the components at a single place. Different brands provide different load based processors for computer systems and mobile systems. The processors are designed on the basis of versions and generations.

Intel i5, AMD A8

AI processor :
The processors used in artificial intelligence and machine learning-based systems are known as AI processors. These are basically the neuromorphic processing units which are designed on the basis of machine learning and artificial neural network. These processors are fast and able to read the human behavioural conditions and do computation the on basis of it.

Intel Habana

Difference between Normal Processor and AI processor :

It is the processor used in personal computers and mobile systems.It is the processor used in artificial intelligence and machine learning based systems.
It is also called central processing units.It is called neuromorphic processing units.
It is slow comparatively.It is faster than normal processors.
It uses integrated chips technology for computation.It uses AI technology, machine learning and deep learning.
It is less efficient.It is more efficient.
These processors are installed for the purpose of all tasks.These processors are for only artificial intelligence based tasks.
The performance of normal processor is low.The performance of AI processor is high.
It is designed to do simple computation.It is designed to do complex computation.
It is less costly.While it is more costly.
It is used by all users.While it is used by users involved in machine learning and artificial intelligence.
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