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Difference between NoOps and DevOps

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  • Last Updated : 12 Aug, 2021
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1. NoOps :

NoOps means automatic deployment, monitoring, and managing the application. It literally means No Operations. NoOps is a technical environment that is automated from the underlying infrastructure through technologies that include Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Moving to NoOps culture is not easy but the benefits gained are supreme. NoOps has a goal to make everything deployable by the design with no effort from anybody. The origination of NoOps comes from processes like configuring firewalls database installation or server.  

Benefits of NoOps :  

  1. It facilitates automation
  2. Lowers the maintenance cost
  3. Without using AWS and GCP it can do the task of microservices and cloud computing easily
  4. It does its job precisely

Cons of NoOps :  

  1. Only maintains legacy
  2. Computes less will drive more
  3. Regulates  compliance and security
  4. Cloud is not supposed to be foolproof

2. DevOps :

DevOps is the fusion of development and operations and is the practice of development and operations in day-to-day life. It combines various philosophies, tools, and practices that allow organizations to deliver applications and services more efficiently.  It is said to be the union of people, processes, and tools.

Benefits of DevOps :

  1. DevOps models assure the quality
  2. Security teams are more tightly integrated with development and operations
  3. Improves speed
  4. Rapid delivery
  5. Ensures the Reliability
  6. Operated and manages Scale
  7. Improves collaboration procedure
  8. Has short development cycles

Cons of DevOps :

  1. Restricts work culture
  2. Requires proper software engineering skills
  3. Strong teamwork is needed
  4. At initial stage consumes time

Difference between NoOps and DevOps :

S. NO.



1.NoOps main aim is to automate all of the developing and running solutions.The major goal of DevOps is to progress development and operations  management.
2.NoOps means no operation.Whereas, DevOps is the fusion of development and operations
3.NoOps defines the process with no need for the combination of parts of the development to make things workWhereas, DevOps are part of the cloud which needs DevOps to set.
4.NoOps is removal of operations DevOps is merger of development and operation processes 
5.NoOps seems to be end of DevOps.But evolving and DevOps ensured that there will be a place for DevOps like NoOps.
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