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Difference Between Niche Marketing and Mass Marketing

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  • Last Updated : 22 May, 2020

Niche Marketing: Niche marketing is defined as a marketing strategy that is proposed to catch moderately numbered buyers in the market. This type of marketing includes the strategy to target a specified market which means that the marketer is aware of the group on which he has to target for its product. The word niche can be defined as a special area of demand for a product or a service. For example, Wholefoods is a food store the specifically targets organic food customers. So it is cleared that they want to target the customers who want organic food. A specific part of consumers is targeted in this type.

Mass Marketing: Mass marketing is defined as a marketing strategy in which were the company tries to capture a large audience for its services. They don’t restrict themselves while marketing the product and focuses on capturing the whole customer base. the main objective behind this type of marketing is to find the supreme number of potential customers for their needs. For example, Coca-Cola is a brand that supports mass marketing, the goal of marketing is to capture a large number of users. All the consumers are targeted for this marketing irrespective of the marketing factors.

Below is a table of differences between Niche Marketing and Mass Marketing:

Based onNiche MarketingMass Marketing
DefinationA marketing strategy that targets a specific market.A marketing strategy that targets whole market.
ObjectiveDevelop the value proportionIncrease the value share with customers
Consumer TypeHomogeneous Buyers, who are intended to buy the products for a long timeHeterogeneous Buyers, who keeps on changing.
Marketing TypeIntensive marketing by Internet and magazinesExtensive marketing by Television media
Advertising byThey use easy medium such as attractive websites, informative and relevant content and through emailsThey use heavy medium by spending a huge amount such as TV and media advertising.
Product varietyThere is usually a single product with a specific group.There is a group of different products which groups in society
CompetitionIt is relatively low as company has a value for its productHigh because there are several other competitors

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