Difference between Network and Internet

Computers and their systems square measure difficult in their approach, and it gets doubly robust once you need to comprehend 2 terms associated with this subject that act already utilized in the regular language, those mentioned adequately during this article square measure Network and net, they will appear totally different from one another, and so they will seem like one another.

The most distinction between them comes in their definition; a Network could be a association of 1 or additional computers placed in associate surroundings, and also the Internet is that the relationship of computers connecting them from everywhere the planet.

The basic distinction between network and net is that the Network consists of pcs that area unit physically connected and may be used as a private computer yet on share data with one another. Conversely, the Internet could be a technology that links these little and huge networks with one another and builds a additional in depth network.

Let’s see that the difference between network and internet:

S.NO Network Internet
1. Network is defined as the group of two or more computer systems. Whereas internet is the interrelationship of a few networks.
2. The coverage of network is limited in comparison of internet. While it covers large geographical area.
3. It provides the link between many computers and network-enabled devices. While it provide connection among many networks.
4. The types of network are: LAN, MAN, WAN, CAN and HAM. Whereas the types of internet is world wide web.
5. Through network, hundreds or a few thousands of computer system can linked simultaneously. While through internet, millions of computer system can linked simultaneously.
6. It requires less number of hardware devices. While it requires various hardware devices.

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