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Difference between Network Administrator and Network Engineer

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  • Last Updated : 02 Mar, 2021
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1. Network Administrator :
A network administrator is a someone in an organization whose job is to manage organization’s computer network. They also do jobs like on-site server organization , software networking and also placing the network in there correct position which is also called as Network Integrity. Those are the main thing in their job to focus. Site to this like Network engineer they can also design, install, configure computer networks and systems as well as troubleshoots a company’s networks.

Network Administrators are also involved to planning for future and preparing for unexpected dealings, those types are ;

  1. Implementing network.
  2. Network monitoring.
  3. Testing the weakness of network.
  4. Working for new updates also called as improvement.
  5. Installing Programs.
  6. Implementing security programs.
  7. Internet filtering.

Types Of Network Administrator :

  1. Network and Computer Systems Administrator
  2. Database Administrator
  3. Web Administrator
  4. Telecommunications Administrator

Responsibilities Of A Network Administrator :

  • Design the network and planning for it.
  • Setting up and configuration the network.
  • Maintenance of the network
  • Expanding to your network.

2. Network Engineer :
It is a type of profession. A network engineer is a type of technological profession which is maintaining by the high skilled connectivity of the network. A network services can be wireless or wired. Voice calls, videos calls, data transferring are belongs to wireless network services.

To provide the maximum network infrastructure is the main goal for a network engineer. The major subject is Computer Science to become a Computer Network Engineers. These type of engineering deals to making plan, design and some technological specification. That’s why a networking engineer has more responsibilities than any other type of engineers. Their job is to giving the world a better network to to sustain on the server and do activities belongs to user.

A network engineers salary range is annually from $46,500 to $115,000, which is purely depends upon their experiences and skills.

The Direct method for being a network engineer is to get a vendor certificate which is known as Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA). There are some other certificates are there ,such as :

  1. CCIE
  2. CCNP
  4. WCNA
  5. CompTIA Network+ etc.

Types Of Network Engineer  :

  1. Network Specialist
  2. Network Technician
  3. Network Administrator
  4. Network Analyst
  5. Network Manager
  6. Network Engineer
  7. Network Solution Architect

Responsibilities Of A Network Engineer :

  • Planning for a new ideas for network infrastructure and modifying the existing network.
  • Making solution ,like upgrading infrastructure ,and collecting stuffs for troubleshooting.
  • Before planning any idea need to make a blueprint for any network related problems.
  • Creating backups , before installing any software or any hardware in the system.

Difference between Network Administrator and Network Engineer :




01.The job is for administration, maintenance of the system and management of the computer system.The job is for designing, analysis, installation, troubleshooting the system program and maintenance of the networks.
02.The minimum requirement for the educational qualification is Associate Degree.The minimum requirement for the educational qualification is Bachelor’s Degree .
03.Those persons who do stuffs under a network Engineer , those are called Network Administrator.With  a lot of year of experiences and better performance can make you Network Engineer
04.Their tasks are upgrading, installing, troubleshooting and maintaining the documents of computer systemTheir tasks are installing, testing and maintenance of servers like hardware and software. 
05.In Indian currency , the average salary of a network administrator is 4,71,653.00 per year.In Indian currency , the average salary of a network engineer is 4,68,500.00 per year
06.Networking Administrators are typically works for 56 hours in a week but in case , if the network server goes down, then they must have to do overtime.Network engineers are typically works for 40hours in a week but in case of SMBs, they need to deal with troubleshooting even their shifts are over.


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