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Difference between .net and .org domain

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 06 Jun, 2022

1. .net domain : 

.net is a generic top-level domain present to cater to networking entities or entities which provide database or internet services. Due to the non-restricted nature of the .net domain, it has now been open to all entities and individuals. Nowadays, it can be used by miscellaneous organizations and entities as well. When .com domain is not available, people prefer to use .net domains. For example,,,,,,,, is the first domain name registered Source –

2. .org domain : 

.org domain is derived from the word organization. It was made for non-profit organizational entities. As it had become non-restricted, it is now open to all types of entities to be used. It is also one of the first domains that have been formed and is also a generic top-level domain. The name generic, suggests that it is not for any specific or sponsored use. Examples of .org domains are,,,,,,, and 

GeeksforGeeks has .org domain  
Difference between .net and .org :

S.No.Basis of
1.Used forIt is used for general purposes and networking sites.It is used for schools, open-source projects, communities, and some profitable and Non-governmental organizations.
2.Registered first siteThe first site ever registered under .net domain is first site ever registered under .org domain is
3.Handling of registrationThe registration is handled by Verisign. The domains can be handled by other registrars (e.g. Google, Go Daddy), however, they ultimately have partnerships or affiliations with is handled by PIR (Public Interest Registry). The domains can be handled by other registrars (e.g. Google, Go Daddy), however, they ultimately have partnerships or affiliations with PIR.
4.CostIt is costlier than .org (due to for-profit nature of the Verisign registry).It is cheaper than .net (due to non-profit nature of the PIR registry).
5.ExamplesExamples :,,,,,,, :,,,,,,,
6.PurposeIt was intended to be used only by networking entities like database. networking, internet service and hosting providers.It was introduced to be used by miscellaneous organisations, that did not fit in other categories.
7.Derived fromIt has been derived from the word networking. It was intended for network-based entities.It has been derived from the word organisation. It was intended for non-profit entities.
8.Registry websiteThe registry website is registry website for .org domain is
9.When to use?
  • Networking services
  • Internet services
  • email hosting or similar type of services
  • By a Charity organization or a non-profit organization
  • By open-source websites
  • Educational websites
  • Best choice for the businesses in networking.
  • As .net extension is best for networking services and for internet service providers so potential clients would quickly associate with your sector and thus helps in marketing as well.
  • The usage of .org makes the website look more legal and reflects the real purpose of non-profitability. 
  • Due to its association with non-profit organizations, people prefer to search for non-profits using extension.
  • Due to its specific use which is related to technology services it is not much in use.
  • Limited use because they are suitable only for non-profit organizations.
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