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Difference between MySQL and MS SQL Server

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SQL is an acronym for Structured Query Language. It is used to access, manipulate and retrieve information from a database.

MySQL is an open source Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) based on Structured Query Language (SQL). It runs on platforms like Linux, UNIX and Windows.

SQL Server is owned and developed by Microsoft Corporation. The primary function of SQL Server is the storage and access of data as it is required by other applications, whether they are running on other computers that are connected to a network, or the computer on which the server is stored.

Developed by Microsoft.Developed by Oracle.
It supports programming languages like C++, JAVA, Ruby, Visual Basic, Delphi, R etc.MySQL offers extended running support for languages like Perl, Tcl, Haskey etc.
Expects a large amount of operational storage space.Expects less amount of operational storage space.
It enables for stopping query execution.It doesn’t allow query cancellation mid-way in the process.
Doesn’t block the database while backing up the data.Blocks the database while backing up the data.
It is not free.It is open source. It is freely available.
It is a highly secured and doesn’t allow any kind of database file manipulation while running.It allows database file manipulation while running.
It is available in multiple editions, such as Enterprise, Standard, Web, Workgroup, or Express.It is available in MySQL Standard Edition, MySQL Enterprise Edition, and MySQL Cluster Grade Edition.

Last Updated : 30 Jan, 2019
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