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Difference between MTP3 and MTP3B

  • Last Updated : 01 Dec, 2021

1. MTP3 :
This Message Transfer Part (MTP3) is an Part of the Signaling System And it is used for Communication in Public Switching (Communication)Telephone Networks

  • Message Transfer Part Level 3 (MTP3) is an that Resides at the OSI Model At Layer 3
  • This MTP3 Protocol Performs the SS7 protocol’s Networks functions
  • MTP3 is an SS7 Level Protocol
  • The MTP3 is For Signalling Data Link functional level for the narrowband signalling(Communication ) Networking links And For to Broadband The Signalling links
  • MTP3 Protocol is responsible for the Reliable , Unduplicated and  for the in-sequence Transport of SS7 Level Protocol Networking Messages Between to its Communication Partners
  • MTP3 is formally defined primarily in ITU-T Recommendations for it
  • These ITU-T tests are used to validate the correct implementation of the MTP3 protocol
  • MTP3 Uses in 3G cellular networks

2. MTP3B :
The Message Transfer Part level 3 (MTP3B) Broadband provides the Message Routing discrimination and the distribution ( for peer to peer link )

  • MTP3B is used for Broadband signaling
  • It also provides the Signalling link management and load sharing
  • Using This MTP3B Protocol Can Achieve The changeover between links within one link Set
  • This MTP3B protocol is a broadband ISDN based protocol used typically in the System Modes Like ATM ( Asynchronous Transfer Mode )
  • MTP3B Protocol is Having Three Sub Layer SSCF, SSCOP, and AAL5
  • MTP3B Uses in Radio Access

Difference between MTP3 and MTP3B :




1MTP3 – Message Transfer Part Level 3MTP3B- Message Transfer Part Level 3 Broadband
2MTP3 is used for Narrowband signalingMTP3b is used for Broadband signaling
3MTP3 is the traditional TDMMPT3B is Designed for supporting ATM features
4Based On transmission systemBased On the Basis of MTP3
5The PC SSN Pairs Uses MTP3 To Route The Messages

MTP3B Also provides message routing,

discrimination And distribution

6MTP3 – (B-ISDN) ATM Adaptation LayerMTP3B – SS7 (M3UA) – User Adaptation Layer
7MTP3 Uses in 3G cellular networksMTP3B Uses in Radio Access
8MTP3 Protocols Enhances The Functions Provided by its Lower LayersMTP3B Protocol is Having Three Sub Layer SSCF, SSCOP, and AAL5
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