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Difference between MongoDB and Amazon DynamoDB

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  • Last Updated : 02 Jul, 2020

1. MongoDB :
MongoDB is a document oriented Database model which is a open source software. It was developed by MongoDB Inc. in 2009.It is implemented in C++ language. MongoDB uses the documents like JSON. It can be used as a standalone program and provides backup facility. It has a high ranking and is very popular among databases. It also consists of user defined java script functions. In MongoDB the scaling is done horizontally by the use of sharding.

2. Amazon DynamoDB :
Amazon DynamoDB is a document database that has high scalability. It was given by Amazon in 2012. It has a Primary database model as document store and key value store. It has a commercial license. It uses transactions and follows ACID properties. It has backup facilities and has high security. Amazon DynamoDB is a durable and robust database. It can handle enormous number of requests in a day and is fully managed.

Difference between MongoDB and Amazon DynamoDB :

S.NO.MongoDBAmazon DynamoDB
1.MongoDB is a document oriented database model.Amazon DynamoDB is a scalable database which has data stored on Amazon cloud.
2.The primary database model is a document store.Primary database model is document store and key value store in Amazon DynamoDB.
3.It supports programming languages like C, C++, C#, Groovy etc.It supports programming languages like .Net, ColdFusion, Erlang, Groovy, Java etc.
4.It was developed by MongoDB Inc. in 2009.It was developed by Amazon in 2012.
5.It supports operating systems like Linux, OS X, Solaris, Window.It supports hosted operating systems.
6.It is a open source software.It is a commercial software.
7.It is implemented in C++.It doesn’t have C++ as its implementation language.
8.It is not based on cloud.It is based on cloud.
9.It is considered better than Amazon DynamoDB in terms of ranking.It is considered less than MongoDB in terms of ranking.
10.It has Server-side scripts.It doesn’t have Server-side scripts.

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