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Difference between Mobile App Testing and Web App Testing

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Mobile App Testing: 
Mobile app testing refers to process of testing application software simply for controlling and handling mobile devices. It is used to test mobile app for its functionality, usability, compatibility, etc.  

Web App Testing: 
Web app testing refers to process of testing application software hosted on web to ensure quality, functionality, usability, etc. It is also known as web testing or website testing.  

Mobile App Testing vs Web App Testing  

S. No.

Mobile App Testing

Web App Testing

1.These are software programs that are used on mobile devices.These are software programs that are used on computer.
2.Mobile applications are developed for broader range of users.Web applications are developed for shorter range of users as compared to mobile applications.
3.New applications can be downloaded from app store. Applications will be updated on website.  
4.It is not easy to create responsive design for small screen devices such as mobile devices, tablets.  It is easy to code relative design for large screen devices such as desktop and laptop.  
5.Mobile storage capacity is less than desktop or laptop when it comes to downloading apps and multimedia therefore, sometime it becomes difficult to test mobile apps.   Desktop or laptop has larger storage capacity as compare to mobile.  
6.Mobile apps sometimes do not require any internet connection but speed matters, quality of connection matters, speed of LTE connection, etc. Web app generally requires internet connection to perform any task.  
7.It is quite complex and complicated to test mobile apps because of different mobile devices having different and greater number of functionalities.  It is easy and simple to test web applications because of functionality of desktop.  
8.Testing team have to check performance of mobile devices on fully charged devices and low charged devices because application that drains battery life gets deleted soon.  There is no such of problem of battery life.  
9.One has to consider different screen size, different OEM’s (original equipment manufacturer), storage capacity, etc., in mobile app testing.  One does not consider such things in web app testing.  
10.Testing team has to focus on interaction of mobile devices with user’s moves, voice and environment, eye moves, etc., as it offers variety of options to perform operations.  Testing team does not need on interaction of web devices with user’s move, direction of user’s attentions, eye moves, etc. as it offers less variety of options to perform operations.  

The following are the tools or Frameworks for Mobile App Testing-

  • Appium
  • Espresso
  • XCUITest
  • Xamarin
  • Robotium and more.

The following are the tools or Frameworks for Web App Testing-

  • Selenium, the most popular one among all other commercial tools.
  • WebLOAD
  • Acunetix
  • Netsparker and more.
12.Tablets, peripheral devices like smartwatches, fitness trackers, and even medical devices like heart pacemakers may need to undergo testing.Mouse, webcams, game controllers, keyboards, and other peripheral devices are tested.


Last Updated : 11 Oct, 2022
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