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Difference Between Minimum Mode and Maximum Mode in 8086 Microprocessor

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  • Last Updated : 29 Dec, 2022
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An 8086 is a 16-bit HMOS microprocessor. It is available in 40 pin DIP chip. It uses a 5V DC supply for its operation. The 8086 uses a 20-line address bus. It has a 16-line data bus. The 20 lines of the address bus operate in multiplexed mode. The 16-low order address bus lines have been multiplexed with data and 4 high-order address bus lines have been multiplexed with status signals. 

Minimum Mode

When MN/MX’ = 1, the 8086 microprocessor runs in the minimum mode. All the control signals required for memory operations and I/O interfaces are provided by the system’s only processor running in minimum mode, the 8086, alone. The circuit in this case is simple, but it does not permit multiprocessing.

In this mode, the microprocessor chip itself transmits all control signals. The system’s latches, transceiver, clock generator, memory, and I/O devices make up the remaining parts.

Minimum mode in 8086


Maximum Mode

When 8086 is used as more than just a processor to perform calculations, that is when 8086 is operating in maximum mode. The MN/MX pin is connected to the ground to operate the 8086 in maximum mode. The system’s components are identical to those in the minimum mode system.


Difference between minimum mode and maximum mode in 8086 microprocessor

Minimum mode Maximum mode 
There can be only one processor.There can be multiple processors.
Performance is slower.Performance is faster.
The circuit is simple.The circuit is complex.
Multiprocessing cannot be performed.Multiprocessing can be performed.
MN/MX is 1 to indicate the minimum mode.MN/MX is 0 to indicate the maximum mode 
The 8086 generates INTA for interrupt acknowledgment.The 8288 Bus Controller generates the interrupt acknowledgment signal (INTA).
The 8086 itself provides an ALE for the latch.Because there are several processors, the 8288 bus controller provides ALE for the latch.
The system is more affordable.The system costs more money.
It is used for small systems.It is used for large systems. 
The multiprocessor setup is not supported.The multiprocessor configuration is accepted.
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