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Difference between Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access
  • Last Updated : 20 Jun, 2020

1. Microsoft Excel :
Microsoft Excel is used to displays the data in horizontal and vertical rows. The data are usually stored in the cells. We have an option of formulas in the Excel that can be used for data and its place of storage.

  • You can even add any charts, graphics, etc. to make it more presentable.
  • Excel locks the whole spreadsheet once it is accessed.
  • Making other people unable to edit other entries or even to add new ones.
  • An Excel document is referred to as a workbook and each of these workbooks must contain atleast one worksheet.

2. Microsoft Access :
Microsoft Access is a database program, it uses unique ID numbers and an editable list of data to store details on a large amount of items, i.e. you could use this program to store.

  • Access is designed to have multiple users working in the same DB files along with the various safety precautions items to help protect the data such as record level locking.
  • The database created in Access is saved with a .mdb extension.
  • Data is stored in the tables.
  • Each field of a table can be associated with certain constraints like only allowing an alphanumeric value.
  • Like any other relational database, it works on the principles of tables, fields and relationships. It supports different kinds of numbers, dates, texts, etc.

Difference between Excel and Access :

SR.NO Microsoft Excel Microsoft Access
1 Microsoft Excel is an application that uses spreadsheets to create charts, graphs, tabular models. Microsoft Access is also an application that acts as a database program. It helps in collecting and sorting the data.
2 It is used for spreadsheets and financial calculations. It is used for storing and manipulating large amounts of information.
3 Microsoft Excel is easy to learn. Microsoft access is quite hard to learn.
4 The storage capacity is less since excel isn’t built for storing data. The storage capacity is more since access is mainly built for storing, sorting, and manipulating databases.
5 Excel is less flexibility as compared to access. Access has more flexibility as compared to excel.
6 It works on the data model of a non-relational or flat worksheet. It works on the model of multiple relational tables and sheets.
7 It locks the entire spreadsheet. It locks data at the record level.
8 Excel is good for short term solutions and small scale projects Access is good for long term solutions and large scale projects.

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