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Difference between Micro Computer and Mini Computer

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 22 Jan, 2021
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1. Micro Computer :
Micro Computer, as name suggests, is a personal computer that is specially designed for personal use and generally consists of single chip that is CPU, data memory, I/O buses, etc. It can be used by one person at a time. Its type includes tablet and smartphone microcomputers, desktop micro computers, workstation and server microcomputers, etc.

Example : Laptop, desktop, IBM-PC, etc.

2. Mini Computer :
Mini Computer, as name suggests, is a type of computer that offers most features and capabilities that large computer generally offers. It generally supports multiple users at a time so one can say that it is a multiprocessing system. It is a smaller computer designed for business applications and services, and also can do time-sharing, batch processing, online processing, etc.

Example : AS/400 computers, Motorola 68040, MV 1500etc.

Difference between Micro Computer and Mini Computer :

Micro Computer  

Mini Computer

It is a personal computer introduced in 1970 and used for general purpose.  It is small computer introduced in 1960 and used for operating business and scientific applications.  
These computers are used by people for education and entertainment.  These computers are used by companies for manufacturing control of process.  
It is composed of single processing optimization. It is composed of double processing optimization.  
It uses single microprocessor for CPU that performs all logic and arithmetic operations.  It uses Multiple processors.  
Storage capacity is in terms of Gigabyte (GB).  Storage capacity is in terms of Terabyte (TB).  
They are primarily used for word processing, managing databases or spreadsheets, graphics and general office applications.  They are primarily used for process control, performing financial and administrative tasks, such as word processing and accounting.
It is more cost effective and easy to use as compared to minicomputer.  It is more costly and difficult to use as compared to microcomputers. 
It is very slower in speed and performance as compared to mini computers.   It is faster in speed and performance as compared to microcomputers because it contains multiprocessing system that is capable of handling different users simultaneously.  
It uses tapes and disks as storage devices.  It uses magnetic disks or tapes for secondary storage. 
It is less powerful as compared to mini computers.  It is more powerful as compared to microcomputers.  




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