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Difference between Memory and Hard Disk
  • Last Updated : 14 Aug, 2020

1. Memory :
Memories are made up of registers. Memory refers to the location of short-term data. Each register in the memory is one storage location. Storage location is also called as memory location. Memory locations are identified using Address. The total number of bit a memory can store is its capacity. Memory are of three type : Primary Memory, Secondary Memory, Cache Memory.

2. Hard Disk :
Hard Disk is the magnetic disk made of aluminium. It is used as main storage device on the computer. It uses metallic disk which is known as platter. Both sides of disk is used for storing data except the upper side of the uppermost disk and lower side of the lowermost disk. Magnetic oxide is used to coat the data storing surface.

Difference between Memory and Hard Disk :

1 It is an electronic component that is capable of storing data and information. It is magnetic disk made of aluminium and used as main storage device of computer.
2 It needs a continuous power supply to hold the data. It doesn’t need a power supply to retain the data.
3 It is temporary data storage. It is permanent data storage.
4 It stores data at low speed. It stores data at high speed.
5 There size are not much larger and goes upto GBs. There size are much larger than memory and goes upto TBs.
6 It is used when data is stored for short time. It is used when data is stored for long term.
7 It is portable easily. It is not portable easily.
8 It stores data on a memory stick in the form of electric formats. It stores data on a hard disk in the form of magnetic memory.
9 It is not costly as compared to hard disk. It is costly.
10 It retrieves data at relatively low speed. It retrieves data at high speed.

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