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Difference between Maven and Ant

  • Last Updated : 21 Jul, 2021

1. Maven :
Maven is a powerful project management tool based on the Project Object Model.  It helps in managing project builds, documentation, dependency, releases, etc.

2. Ant :
Ant is a command-line toolbox without any coding conventions or project structures, making it flexible and more manageable to use. It is most commonly used to build Java applications.

Differences between Maven and Ant :

DefinitionIt is a framework based on the concept of POM.It is a Java library and command-line toolbox.
ConventionIt has built-in conventions to place source code, compiled code, etc.It does not have any formal conventions.
Project structure InfoIt does not require information about the project structure to be provided in the pom.xml file.It requires information on the project structure to be provided in the build.xml file.
LifecycleIt has a lifecycle.It does not have a lifecycle.
NatureIt is declarative in nature (only source should be present in the default directory).It is procedural in nature (manually tell exactly what to do and when to do it).
TypeIt is primarily a project management tool.It is primarily a project management tool.
DependencyIt can self download the dependencies from a central repository for building projects.It has no built-in support for dependency management. 
ReusabilityIt consists of reusable plugins.It consists of scripts that are not reusable.
PreferenceIt is less preferred.It is more preferred.
ComplexityIt is more complex.It is simple and reliable. 
FlexibilityIt is less flexible and maintainable.It is more flexible and maintainable.


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