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Difference between MAPI and SMTP

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  • Last Updated : 22 Jan, 2021
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1. Message Application Programming Interface (MAPI) :
It is a protocol that is proprietary used by Microsoft that allows Microsoft Outlook email clients to appropriately use the functions of an Exchange Server including email and other folders. MAPI allows us to move the message from the cloud storage onto local storage. This feature allows us to back up important emails. This is an alternative for IMAP or POP protocols for retrieving emails.

Features of MAPI :

  • It is compatible with multiple applications such as Send Mail or Send File.
  • It is preferred over HTTP as it improves reliability and stability.
  • It manages to maintain the session irrespective of the user changes the network connection.
  • Provides better authentication by using an HTTP based protocol.

2. Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) :
It is a protocol that is used for sending communication information from one computer to another using email addresses. SMTP is used to set up communication rules between the servers. It offers various modes of communication such as a single message to many clients, sending audio, video files, etc. It provides error handling capabilities and replies to an error message.

Features of SMTP :

  • It is widely used for “Mail Relaying” in which the email is routed from one SMTP server to another to reach its destination.
  • It also provides checking for errors in messages and taking action for them.
  • It provides certain conditions for mail forwarding, which includes the user changing its email-address.
  • SMTP servers provide features to be configured as email gateway.

Difference between MAPI and SMTP :

1.It is short used for Message Application Programming Interface.It is short for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol.
2.Designed by Microsoft in August 2007.Designed by RFC 821 in 1982.
3.It is used for sending and retrieving emails.It is used for sending emails.
4.It functions for accessing messages, directories, and files.It functions between servers for the transfer of information.
5.MAPI has less widespread support.SMTP has more support than MAPI.
6.MAPI sends a copy of emails to the user.It does not send a copy of sent emails.
7.Users can organize mails on local storage.Users can organize mails on client storage.
8.It offers the email to be changes by Microsoft Outlook services.It offers the email to be changes after being sent successfully.




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