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Difference between Management Information System (MIS) and Computer Science (CS)

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  • Last Updated : 24 Sep, 2020
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MIS and CS are wrongly considered to be the same. Both are correlated to technology which makes it hard for the students to choose the best suitable course but they are quite different from each other. The following article summarises the differences to contemplate for a better pick.

1. Management Information System (MIS) :
MIS is also known as a computer information system. MIS graduates are taught programming also but they are concerned with the designing of a database system that is made as per the need of the business. Their curriculum mainly included business and accounting coursed to gain knowledge about how a business runs. Apart from this they also learn database management, web development, business analytics, and programming.

2. Computer Science (CS) :
Computer science is mainly concerned with the making of programs that help in the working of computer systems. The responsibilities of a Computer Science graduate includes writing the code to create an operating system or to build a database management system or to create a program for a mobile device. They also make sure that software applications perform properly. Their curriculum mainly includes math and science courses.

Difference between Management Information System (MIS) and Computer Science (CS) :

1.It focuses more on business application.It focuses more on technology.
2.MIS scholars learn courses which help them solve business problems.CS scholars learn courses which are more focused on technology.
3.MIS scholars mainly use technology to grow business.CS scholars are responsible for making technology better.
4.MIS is all about solving business needs using IT and coding.CS is all about math and coding.
5.They learn accounting and business development.They learn operating system, programming languages, and database systems.
6.MIS is more oriented towards application.CS is more oriented towards theory.
7.MIS graduates provide solution and implementation.CS graduates focus on building systems.
8.It prepares you for business and industry.It prepares you for software engineering roles.
9.A MIS graduate focusses more on the business side of information and management.A CS degree focusses more on creating and managing side of a software.
10.The average salary after a MIS degree is $70,000 – 90,000.The average salary after a CS degree is $80,000 – 1,00,000.

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