Difference between Malware and Adware

Malware is an executable binary that is malicious in nature. Malware’s can be used by attackers to perform variety of malicious actions like Spying on the target using Keyloggers or RAT’S, they can also delete your data or encrypt your data for “Ransom”. Malware includes computer viruses, worms, Trojan horses, ransomware, spyware and other malicious programs.

Types of Malware:

1. Viruses
2. Worms
3. Spyware
4. Trojan Horse
5. Logic Bombs 

Adware is not exactly malicious but they do breach privacy of the users. They display ads on computer’s desktop or inside individual programs. They come attached with free to use software, thus main source of revenue for such developers. They monitor your interests and display relevant ads. An attacker can embed malicious code inside the software and adware can monitor your system activities and can even compromise your machine.

Advertising-supported software:

1. Application software
2. Software as a service 

Let’s see the difference Between Malware and Adware:

1 Malware is made up of two words malicious and software and it cause extensive damage to data and systems. Adware is quite similar to a spyware and it can be both intrusive and difficult to eradicate.
2 Malware is a file or a code, designed to infiltrate a user’s personal computer and network. While, it is a form of malware served as advertisements to collect your personal information.
3 Malware is more harmful. Adware is less harmful than Malware
4 Malware is distributed via emails or software installations Whereas, adware is distributed through pop-up windows.
5 They can replicate itself. While, adware can not self-replicate
6 They covers a range of malicious software. Adware is a type of malware.
7 It can destroy data and resources, cause and configuration and network issues and many time. Adware provides profit to the developer by generating online advertisement.

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