Difference between LXC and Docker Containers

1. LXC :
LXC is an abbreviation used for Linux Containers which is an operating system that is used for running multiple Linux systems virtually on a controlled host via a single Linux kernel. LXC bundles with the kernel’s Cgroups to provide the functionality for the process and network space instead of creating a full virtual machine and provides an isolated environment for the applications.
Features provided by LXC :

  1. It provides Kernel namespaces such as IPC, mount, PID, network, and user.
  2. It provides Kernel capabilities.
  3. Control groups (Cgroups).
  4. Seccomp profiles

2. Docker :
Docker is an open-source tool for the creation, deployment, and working of applications on a centralized platform. This makes the host’s operating system to run the applications with the same Linux kernel through containers rather than creating a whole virtual machine. Using docker containers you don’t need to take care of the Ram and disk space allocation. It is capable to handle the requirements on its own.
Features provided by Docker :

  1. Docker is Fast and Easy configurable.
  2. Technical feasibility and increased productivity.
  3. Secure services through commands like secret inspect and secret create, etc.
  4. Provides application isolation and no container is dependent on any other.

Difference between LXC and Docker :

Parameter LXC Docker
Developed by LXC was created by IBM, Virtuozzo, Google and Eric Biederman. Docker was created by Solomon Hykes in 2003.
Data Retrieval LXC does not support data retrieval after it is processed. Data retrieval is supported in Docker.
Usability It is a multi-purpose solution for virtualization. It is single purpose solution.
Platform LXC is supported only on Linux platform. Docker is platform dependent.
Virtualization LXC provides us full system virtualization. Docker provides application virtualization.
Cloud support There is no need for cloud storage as Linux provides each feature. The need of cloud storage is required for a sizeable ecosystem.
Popularity Due to some constraints LXC is not much popular among the developers. Docker is popular due to containers and it took containers to a next level.

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