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Difference between LTE and CDMA

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Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA): In CDMA, one channel carries all transmissions simultaneously. There is neither division of bandwidth nor division of time. For example, if there are many people in a room all speaking at the same time, then also perfect reception of data is possible if only two-person speak the same language. Similarly, data from different stations can be transmitted simultaneously in different code languages.  
Long Term Evolution: LTE is the project name given to development of high-performance air interface for cellular mobile communication systems. It is used for advancing series of mobile telecommunications systems. It is a high-speed data networks. It is the fastest wireless network for smartphones and mobile devices. Let’s see the difference Between LTE and CDMA:

1.It is the 4G wireless broadband technology for high-speed access.It is a set of protocols used in 2G and 3G wireless communications.
2.It uses Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) for transmission.It uses a spread-spectrum multiple access technique for transmission
3.It requires a SIM card to authenticate the handset.It mobile handsets do not support SIM cards.
4.It has better multi-path signal handling capability.It is not good at multi-path signal handling.
5.It is a de-facto standard for high-speed wireless communication.It is a set of protocols used in 2G and 3G wireless communication.

 LTE adheres to 8*8, 4*4 MIMO and also supports cooperative MIMO and multi-user MIMO.

MIMO- Multiple Input Multiple Output

It is based on the fading speed of numerous pathways generated through orthogonal frequency on division multiplexing.
7.It is utilized for data calls and aids in MIMO, beamforming, and carrier aggregation, with further support in the advanced release of the tenth version.Using CDMA technologies, multiple users can work on the same frequency and time allocation in the given space band. The Verizon CDMA wireless mobile phone comes with its sim card. It does not work on GSM networks like AT&T.
8.Its speed is significantly faster than CDMA. LTE uses radio frequencies, but with distinct technology and data, the connection is the priority of LTE.Several transmitters can deliver data over a single communication channel, and different frequency bands are shared throughout the network. Despite using the same channel, there is no communication interference in the network. In CDMA, voice calls take precedence. 
9.For the purpose of transmission, it uses Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing. Additionally, Time Division Duplex and Frequency Division Duplex are employed for data transmission.In CDMA, using a single channel is not an issue because each phone has a distinct serial number that makes it easier to distinguish the signals.
Last Updated : 05 Jul, 2022
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