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Difference between Lotus Word Pro and NotePad

Last Updated : 22 Jan, 2021
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1. Lotus Word Pro :
Lotus Word Pro is full of innovative features that are not being provided by any of the other cloud-based technologies. It is a type of word processing program which is developed by Industrial Business Machines (IBM) Lotus Software. It helps in providing the groupware features which helps in the creating and editing of documents and also helps in tracking those documents updates. In this, the Word Pro is obtained as a part of the Lotus office suite.

2. NotePad :
Notepad is a blank page pad and a basic plain text editor by Microsoft operating system which you can use for making of simple documents for creating web pages, and also to create and edit files that are required. It is built-in with limited features and function size and style and option as a page set up, find and replace are included in notepad. If you want to create and write an HTML document webpage then notepad is the best for this.

Difference Between Lotus Word Pro and NotePad :

Lotus Word Pro


Lotus Word Pro File Extension is .lwp NotePad File Extension is .txt
The extension can be converted into the MS Word document or other types of file formats. Notepad is a simple text editor for Microsoft Windows
It is a type of word processor or word processing software It helps in a basic text-editing program 
It is a all-rounder software application It was created by Microsoft Corporation
The word pro in lotus word pro is based upon ami pro which is developed by samna  Notepad is a simple program for creating different webpages
Lotus word pro is used to create various reports,proposals, and another typecloud-basedfirst-everof documents It helps in inserting date and time
It gives the security to our documents and also helps in removing the email encryption also. It helps the users to use the right to left reading order also if they are using another type of languages into it
It helps in converting or exporting the lotus notes to other various cloud based applications It includes the automatic timestamp at every time when the file is opened
It is a modified version of the first ever word processing software. It helps in creating, opening, and saving the text file in it
It is not a a fully compatible type of software program It is an absolute time saver.
It is not suitable for non-technical users.  It enables computer users to create documents.
It is very stable and fixed application that remains constant in the market. It has a limited set of options 
It also includes the integrated office applications into it It is a normal text editor, the graphics are not included in it as it does not support in it.
It is also an expensive application.  It includes the options like changing the font, the font size, and the font style. 
They help in excluding the duplicate contacts It’s only available on Windows as Microsoft made it. 


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