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Difference between Long Polling and WebSocket

  • Last Updated : 03 Jun, 2021

1. Long Polling :
It is a technology client requests for data from the server besides waiting for an instant response or essentially entails making an HTTP request to a server and then maintaining the connection open to enable the server to reply later. With the help of long polling the server permits about 6 parallel connections from the browser. It is convenient in contrast to other ways, and it is the oldest method and for this reason, is supported on all web browsers. Though due to the fewer updates in this it does now not furnish re-connection handling.

2. WebSocket :
It is a pc communication protocol that permits us full-duplex communication channels over a single transfer control protocol connection. This protocol permits an interplay between a browser and web server with low weight overheads and thus offering real-time data transfer from and to the server.

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Difference Between Long Polling vs WebSocket :

S. No.Long PollingWebSocket
1.It offers a unidirectional communication channel.It offers a bidirectional communication channel.
2.There is an issue of resource wastage.There is no such issue of resource wastage. 
3.It has a short waiting period.It has a long waiting period.
4.It does not offer resource utilization. It offers resource utilization.
5.There are not many complications while enabling a connection process.There are different complications while enabling a connection process.
6.In this, there are several kinds of delays during the process.In this, there are no delays during the process.
7.It uses AJAX to communicate properly.It does not use AJAX to communicate over the network.


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