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Difference between Logistic Management and Project Management

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1. Project Management :
Project management, as name suggest, is simply management and control of project activities as well as lead work team to achieve goals and meet success criteria at a given period of time.

2. Logistic Management :
Logistic management, as name suggests, is simply management of resources that are bought, stored and transported to appropriate location.

Difference between Logistic Management and Project Management :

Project ManagementLogistic Management
It mainly focuses on planning, organizing and management of single project work at a time.It mainly focuses on management of supply chain activities and saves cost.
Project manager have more responsibilities than Logistic manager.Logistic manager have less responsibilities than project manager.
Activities of project management includes risk management, configuration management, planning and tracking project, scheduling management, etc.Activities of logistic management includes fleet management, material handling, network design, warehousing, etc.
It handles and helps one to manage project from starting to end till it gets completed.It handles distribution of goods and services at appropriate place on given time.
It deals with problems, incorporate changes, monitoring progress against plan, managing risk, etc.It deals with identifying distributor and suppliers that will be more effective in future and determine their effectiveness and accessibility.
Types of project management includes scrum project management, six sigma project management, agile project management, waterfall project management, etc.Types of logistic management includes sales logistic, production logistic, recycling logistics, logistics fields, etc.
Project manager work is more difficult than that of logistic manager.Logistic manager work is not that much difficult than Project manager.
Process of project management includes initiating, planning, executing, controlling and closing project.Process of logistic management includes transporting and storing of goods and services as well as products from one place to another.

Last Updated : 23 Nov, 2020
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