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Difference between Lean Development Model and Agile Development Model

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  • Last Updated : 19 Aug, 2021

1. Lean Model :
Lean is one of the efficient methodology that believes the flow of value to the customer through continuous improvements and value for the customer. It optimizes the available resources to create a stable workflow keeping the customer’s demand at its center. The Lean Model was first used in 1915, by Henry Ford in the Ford Motor Company’s Highland Park factory. It generally refers to a set of knowledge specifically called Lean Manufacturing. This focuses on production based on demand and not on supply. It contains 5 principles.

Benefits of Lean Model :

  • Increased product quality
  • Provides more employee satisfaction
  • Improved visibility to stakeholders
  • Predictable delivery of customer value
  • More efficient business processes

2. Agile Model :
Agile is a well-known development methodology and the best approach for many development teams, especially those looking to create a continuous delivery environment. It focuses around iterative development, short cycles, getting feedback and adapting to the new requirements. Solutions develop through interactions between self-organizing cross-functional teams. Agile is a mindset from the Agile Manifesto which came out in 2001 containing 12 principles and 4 values written by 17 software developers.

Benefits of Agile Model :

  • Better customer satisfaction
  • Rapid development and delivery
  • More emphasis on end users
  • Close cooperation between business and development team
  • Late and further changes are allowed

Difference between Lean Development Model and Agile Development Model :




01.Agile is more focused on continuous delivery through the self organizing cross-functional teams.Lean is focused on flow of value to the customer.
02.Agile is always adaptive to change.Lean is about stable workflow and meeting the customer’s demands.
03.Agile is designed using different frameworks like scrum, Kanban etc.Lean is designed using transitions from manufacturing processes.
04.Agile came out in 2001 and was designed by 17 software developers.The Lean Model was first used in 1915, by Henry Ford in the Ford Motor Company’s Highland Park factory.
05.Agile consists of 12 principles and 4 values.Lean consists of 7 principles.
06.Agile delivers products in a dynamic manner in small parts rather than whole products at once.Lean is used to develop both the quality of the product and the delivery speed as well.
07.Agile can not be used to cut costs.Lean can be used to cut costs.
08.Agile is easier to use for dynamic requirement changes.Lean is not flexible when the requirements are changed.
09.Agile believes in end results through responses and feedbacks.Lean follows a systematic plan for development by eliminating unnecessary things like meetings, documentation etc. 
10.It is a collective collaboration between teams and end users.It gives emphasis on maximizing customer value and increasing efficiency..

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