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Difference between LDAP and Kerberos

  • Last Updated : 09 Dec, 2020

1. Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) :
LDAP stands for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. It is a protocol that is used for locating anyone to locate individuals, organizations, and other devices in a network irrespective of being on public or corporate internet. It is used for Directories-as-a-Service and is the foundation for Microsoft building Activity Directory.

Features of LDAP :

  • It provides an open-source protocol with a flexible architecture.
  • Operates over TCP/IP and SSL directly.
  • LDAP is a self-automated protocol.
  • Provides extensive support across industries.

2. Kerberos :
Kerberos is a protocol that serves for network authentication. This is used for authenticating clients/servers in a network using a secret cryptography key. It is designed for providing strong authentication while communicating to applications. The implementation of Kerberos protocol is freely available by MIT and is used in many commercial products.

Features of Kerberos :

  • It prevents various intrusion attacks.
  • It provides authentication across the Internet for Web apps.
  • Provides single trust at the root and eliminates full mesh scenarios.
  • Permits interoperability with other access domains.

Difference between LDAP and Kerberos :

1.It is short used for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol.It is named as Kerberos.
2.LDAP is used for authorizing the accounts details when accessed.Kerberos is used for managing credentials securely.
3.It is not an open source but it has implementation such as Open LDAP which are open-source.It is open-source software that provides free services.
4.It supports two-factor authentication with RADIUS protocol.It supports two-factor authentication.
5.LDAP add authentication in two options SASL or anonymous authentication.Kerberos adds high security and gives mutual authentication.
6.It provides authentication in multi-tier applications.It provides authentication in multi-tier applications.

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