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Difference Between Jupyter and Pycharm

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 11 Oct, 2021
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Jupyter notebook is an open-source IDE that is used to create Jupyter documents that can be created and shared with live codes. Also, it is a web-based interactive computational environment. The Jupyter notebook can support various languages that are popular in data science such as Python, Julia, Scala, R, etc. 


Jupyter Notebook in Python

Pycharm is an IDE developed by JetBrains and created specifically for Python. It has various features such as code analysis, integrated unit tester, integrated Python debugger, support for web frameworks, etc. Pycharm is particularly useful in machine learning because it supports libraries such as Pandas, Matplotlib, Scikit-Learn, NumPy, etc. 


PyCharm Notebook

Below is a table of differences between Jupyter and Pycharm  

1Jupyter notebook is a web-based interactive computing platform.Pycharm is a smart code editor.
2The notebook combines live code, equations, narrative text, visualizations, interactive dashboards and other media.The editor provides first-class support for Python, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, TypeScript, CSS, popular template language and more. Take advantage of language-aware code completion, error detection, and on-the-fly code fixes!
3It can be classified as a tool in the “Data Science Notebooks”PyCharm is grouped under “Integrated Development Environment(IDE)”.
4Provides in-line code execution using blocks.Provides smart auto-completion.
5Provides in-line graphing support.Provides intelligent code analysis.
6It can be themed and supports kernel as well as latex.It is powerful refactoring, virtualenv integration, and Git integration
7It’s very flexible as compared to pycharm.It’s not very flexible as compared to jupyter and slow startup.
8Tools like GitHub, Python, Dropbox, Scala, TensorFlow etc. are integrated with jupyter.Tools like Python, Django, Anaconda, Wakatime, Kite etc. are integrated with Pycharm.
9Companies like Ruangguru, Delivery Hero SE, trivago, Intuit, Hepsiburada, etc. are using JupyterCompanies like Lyft, Bepro Company, trivago, Hepsiburada, Picnic Technologies, etc are using Pycharm.


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