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Difference between Java and PHP

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  • Last Updated : 10 Sep, 2020

Java is a very famous object-oriented programming language. It was developed by Sun Microsystems. It has a virtual machine platform that allows you to create compiled programs that run on nearly every platform. Java promised, “Write Once, Run Anywhere”. It has a continuous contribution from industry experts, Java developers, and other open-source organizations. 

Example :


// A Java program to print  
public class GFG { 
    public static void main(String args[]) 
        System.out.println("Welcome to GFG"); 


Welcome to GFG

PHP is a server-side scripting language used mainly for web development. It can be easily embedded in HTML files and HTML codes can also be written in a PHP file. The thing that differentiates PHP with client-side language like HTML is, PHP codes are executed on the server whereas HTML codes are directly rendered on the browser.



// Here echo command is
// used to display content
echo "Welcome to GFG!"


Welcome to GFG!

Difference between Java and PHP :




1. It is a general-purpose programming language.It is a server-side scripting language.
2. It is compiled and strongly-typed language. It is a dynamic and weak typed language.
3. It has a richer set of API as compared to PHP.It is easier to rebuild and customize.
4.There is method overriding and overloading. There is no method overloading, but methods and functions can have optional parameters.
5. It has many packaging and deployment utilities.It is just filed. No packaging concept.
6. It is faster for complex apps. It is faster to create webpages.
7. It is object-oriented compiled.It is interpreted.
8.In, Java, OOP is the default.It offers OOP (object-oriented programming) as an option that is ignored in most projects. 
9.It is good for large and complex projects.It is good for small and medium projects.
10.It is more secure as compared to PHP.It is less secure as compared to JAVA.
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