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Difference between ITSM and ITIL

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1. ITSM: 
It is an actual practice or you can call it a professional discipline of managing different kinds of IT operations. The ITSM stand for IT Service Management which means the implementation and management quality of it service that match the need of business. It is true that information technology would play an important role in human business. Computer, telephone, Network and printers like device control are responsibility of IT department. Now ITMS is not just for the IT organization it also the hot spot for enterprise performance. ITSM software is no longer short term process. 

ITSM software tools are calm with some components such as

  1. Database
  2. Business objects
  3. Process engine

ITSM is used to create plan and manage change in the system for profit in business. It’s manages the IT budget so that bill can be easily pay end to buy new tools when it required and as well as in investment.


  1. Improve efficiency which helps the organization to maximize their resources.
  2. It’s reduced operational post it’s help the organization to scale there operations more easily.
  3. It’s also the remove risk from damaging business and ensuring IT organization can implement new changes in IT involvement.
  4. ITMS improve visibility into operations and performance.
  5. It give a boost to self service productivity in organization.
  6. The best part of this is it’s gives a better service and customer experience
  7. It saves the business time and money and reduce unnecessary workload.

2. ITIL: 
It is a basic cover guidance of ITSM but its provided the best practice. ITIL is considered as the registered trademark of AXELOX. ITIL refers to Information Technology Infrastructure Library which is a framework design to plan, deliver, select, maintain overall life cycle of IT service in an organization. ITIL v2 used to applicable and uniform structure on service support and deliver and include the original process for business to follow where as ITIL v3 will help the business to improve their service as well as guideline on every service strategy.


  1. Stronger a judgement in between IT and the business.
  2. It’s improved service delivery as well as customer satisfaction.
  3. ITIL reduce costs throw improve use of resources.
  4. Provide a stable service Environment support constant business change.
  5. It’s also helpful in better management in business risks and service failure.
  6. It easily solved issue by inscribing the root causes.

Difference between ITSM and ITIL :




01.It refers to IT Service Management.It refers to Information Technology Infrastructure Library.
02.It’s used in plant all the business changes and manage those to keep the business profitable. It is used in calibration of IT related business and issue service to the customer.
03.This service management tells how you manage the services that your organization delivers to it’s customers or clients.This infrastructure library tells one of many items in the tool box which you can implement to do it very well and achieve better service management.
04.It’s used to plan the budget for saving and investment in future.It’s used to make delivery of IT service.
05.ITSM used by the IT management team for manage the delivery service in a suitable way. It has some other frameworks like six sigma, DevOps, COBIT, etc.ITIL is a best practice for ITSM framework. Means the best practices of ITSM are provided  by ITIL.
06.ITSM always plans for the changes that needs to be implemented and managed in the business to gain the profit.ITIL always focuses aligning IT to the respective business in an aim of providing better service to the customer.
07. It is a professional discipline for managing different IT operations.It is like a guiding framework for implementing ITSM.
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Last Updated : 08 Nov, 2021
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