Difference between Integration Testing and Sandwich Testing

1. Integration Testing :
Integration Testing is the type of software testing where software modules are integrated logically and tested as a group. Integration Testing major focuses on verifying data communication among these modules. It is the collection of the modules of the software, where the relationship and the interfaces between the different components are also tested. It needs a coordination between the project level activities of integrating the constituent components together at a time.

2. Sandwich Testing :
Sandwich Testing is also called as the hybrid integration testing. It comprise the bottom-up approach testing and top-down approach testing, therefore it uses the advantage of both bottom up approach and top down approach. It also can not be used for those systems which have a lot of interdependence between different modules and it allows parallel testing.

Difference between Integration Testing and Sandwich Testing :

S.No. Integration Testing Sandwich Testing
1. In integration testing, relationship and the interfaces between the different components are tested. In sandwich testing, Top-down approach and Bottom-up approach is used for testing.
2. It validates the collection and interface modules. It follows the specification of modules.
3. It build to simulate the interaction between two modules. It generally focuses on functional verification.
4. It is cost efficient. It is not cost efficient.
5. It does not allow parallel testing. It allows parallel testing.
6. It does not matter how big project is. It is used for very large projects having sub projects.
7. In this, there is need of fewer resources for testing. In this, there is need of large number of resources.

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