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Difference between Information and Knowledge

Last Updated : 04 Oct, 2019
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Information is delineate because the structured, organized and processed data, conferred inside context, that makes it relevant and helpful to the one who desires it. Data suggests that raw facts and figures regarding individuals, places, or the other issue, that is expressed within the type of numbers, letters or symbols.

Information is that the knowledge that is remodeled and classified into an intelligible type, which may be utilized in the method of deciding. In short, once knowledge end up to be purposeful when conversion, it’s referred to as info. it’s one thing that informs, in essence, it provides a solution to a specific question. It may be obtained from numerous sources like newspaper, internet, television, people, books etc.

Knowledge refers to the familiarity and awareness of a person, place, events, thoughts, issues, things or anything that is gathered through learning, knowing or discovering. it’s the state of knowing one thing with cognizance through the understanding of ideas, study and skill.

Knowledge pointed at the assured theoretical or sensible understanding of associate entity together with the potential of exploitation it for a selected purpose. Combination of information, expertise and intuition ends up in knowledge that has the potential to draw inferences and develop insights, supported our expertise and so it will assist in higher cognitive process and taking actions.

Difference between Information and Knowledge:

S.NO Information Knowledge
1. Information offers rises to the concept of facts and data. In contrast to, knowledge that inflicting the understanding of the matter or subject.
2. Information is a combination of context and data. While it is a combination of experience, perception and information.
3. Not all information is knowledge. Whereas all knowledge is information.
4. Information can be reflected. While it can not be reflected or replicated.
5. Information alone isn’t enough to form expectations. The expectation is feasible if one retains the desired information.
6. The transfer of information is simple or straightforward over numerous ways like newspaper, internet, television, people etc. While the transfer of knowledge is hard in comparison of information as it requires learning.
7. Information brings understanding of facts and figures. Whereas knowledge point to the understanding of the subject.

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