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Difference between InfluxDB and Amazon Redshift

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  • Last Updated : 30 Jun, 2020
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1. InfluxDB :
It is a time series database and is known for its high availability and storage. It was developed by InfluxData in 2013. It is a open source licensed software and is widely used in retrieval of time series data. It is used in real time analytics and monitoring of data. It does partitioning by sharding. InfluxDB is implemented in Go language. InfluxDB is easy to use and has high scalability.

2. Amazon Redshift :
It is a data warehouse which is based on cloud. Amazon Redshift has a commercial license and is a part of Amazon web services. It handles large scale of data and is known for its scalability. It does parallel processing of multiple data. It uses the ACID properties as its working principle and is very popular. It is implemented in C language and has high availability.

Difference between InfluxDB and Amazon Redshift :

S.NO.InfluxDBAmazon Redshift
1.InfluxDB is a Time series database model.Amazon Redshift is a relational database model.
2.InfluxDB was developed by InfluxData in 2013.Amazon Redshift was developed by Amazon in 2012.
3.It is not a cloud based Database.It is a cloud based Database.
4.It has a open source license.It is a commercial software.
5.It is implemented in Go language.It is implemented in C language.
6.It is used for retrieval of time series data.It is used to provide data warehouse services.
7.It supports operating systems like Linux and OS X.It supports hosted operating systems.
8.In terms of ranking it is considered lower than Amazon redshift.It is considered better than InfluxDB in terms of ranking.
9.It doesn’t have user defined functions.It has user defined functions.
10.It doesn’t have ACID as its working principle.It has ACID as its working principle.

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