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Difference between incremental backup and differential backup

  • Last Updated : 03 May, 2020

1. Incremental Backup :
Incremental backup only preserves the data that has been changed from the last full backup or incremental backup. This type of backup uses less storage and can do backup and recovery quickly. The data in this type of backup contains redundancy as recovery includes last full backup and all the incremental backups.

Recovery in Incremental Backup:

2. Differential Backup :
Differential backup only preserves data change from the last full backup. This type of backup uses more memory as it saves all the data changes since last full backup. It contains less redundant data and recovery is easy but the time needed for creating backup is high.

Recovery in Differential Backup:

Difference between incremental backup and differential backup :

S.NO.Incremental BackupDifferential Backup
1.In this type of backup successive copies of data contains only the changed part since the preceding backup copy was made.In this type of backup only the difference in the data from last full backup is saved.
2.It has more redundant data than differential backup.Differential backup contains less redundant data.
3.Recovery is difficult in this type of backup.Recovery is easy as compared to incremental backup.
4.It takes less time to create backup.It takes more time to create backup than incremental backup.
5.It take less data storage space to create backup.Memory taken to create backup is more as compared to incremental backup.
6.Incremental backup uses less bandwidth.Differential backup uses more bandwidth than incremental backup.

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