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Difference between Inbound Marketing and Outbound Marketing

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  • Last Updated : 04 Aug, 2022
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1. Inbound Marketing: 
Inbound Marketing is a technique to attract customers to buy products and services with the help of Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and branding, etc. 

2. Outbound Marketing: 
Outbound Marketing is a technique to attract large number of customers to buy products and services with the help of tv ads, e-mails, p print ads, etc. 

Difference between Inbound Marketing and Outbound Marketing :

S. No.Inbound MarketingOutbound Marketing
1.It pulls in interested customer.It pushes regardless of interest.
2.It is written according to customer’s needs.It is written according to product needs.
3.It is a part of content consumption.It disrupts content consumption.
4.It is also called New Marketing Technique.It is also called Old Marketing Technique.
5.Inbound Marketing is cheap.Outbound Marketing is expensive.
6.Inbound Marketing is also known as “Magnetic Marketing”.Outbound Marketing is also known as “Push Marketing”.
7.In Inbound Marketing, the marketer gets permission from the customer.In Outbound Marketing, the marketer interrupts the customer.
8.It has two way communication.It has one way communication.
9.It includes organic search ranking.It includes paid search ranking.
10.Some examples are blogs, social media etc.Some examples are display ads, tv ads etc.
11.It is measurable using digital marketing software.It is challenging to quantify the attribution of physical advertising.
12.It complements the user experience. It interferes with user experience.
13.It is for specific audience.It is for general audience.
14.The availability of several tools makes the selection easier of the most relevant material for your audience. Analytics are also available for inbound marketing.There is no availability of such tools and analytics for outbound marketing.
15.As a general rule, for increasing brand awareness or visibility among customers pull or inbound marketing should be employed.  Outbound marketing should be employed when you have something new for your users and they might not be familiar with that but are ready to buy the product.
16.Using marketing strategies tactfully to pique the audience’s attention. Using marketing strategies tactfully to persuade customers to buy.
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