Difference between Image Processing and Computer Vision

Image processing and Computer Vision both are very exciting field of Computer Science.

Computer Vision:
In Computer Vision, computers or machines are made to gain high-level understanding from the input digital images or videos with the purpose of automating tasks that the human visual system can do. It uses many techniques and Image Processing is just one of them.

Image Processing:
Image Processing is the field of enhancing the images by tuning many parameter and features of the images. So Image Processing is the subset of Computer Vision. Here, transformations are applied to an input image and an the resultant output image is returned. Some of these transformations are- sharpening, smoothing, stretching etc.

Now, as both the fields deal with working in visuals, i.e., images and videos, there seems to be lot of confusion about the difference about these fields of computer science. In this article we will discuss the difference between them.

Difference between Image Processing and Computer Vision:

Image Processing Computer Vision
Image processing is mainly focused on processing the raw input images to enhance them or preparing them to do other tasks Computer vision is focused on extracting information from the input images or videos to have a proper understanding of them to predict the visual input like human brain.
Image processing uses methods like Anisotropic diffusion, Hidden Markov models, Independent component analysis, Different Filtering etc. Image processing is one of the methods that is used for computer vision along with other Machine learning techniques, CNN etc.
Image Processing is a subset of Computer Vision. Computer Vision is a superset of Image Processing.
Examples of some Image Processing applications are- Rescaling image (Digital Zoom), Correcting illumination, Changing tones etc. Examples of some Computer Vision applications are- Object detection, Face detection, Hand writing recognition etc.

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