Difference between IBM DB2 and MS SQL

1. IBM DB2 :
IBM DB2 is a relational database which was developed by IBM in 1983. It is considered as a family of database management products which are build for AI. It has enhanced capabilities for performing transactions. It works on the principle of ACID and has high flexibility and performance. It has efficient backup facilities and is considered very secure. It is extremely reliable and is supported by Linux, Unix and Windows operating systems. It has a commercial license and has high scalability.

2. MS SQL :
MS SQL is a relational database management system developed by Microsoft in 1989. It is highly scalable and secure platform for data storage. It offers smart analytics features with high performance and security. The core component of MS SQL server is the SQL server database engine, which controls the data and its processing. It supports ACID properties and guarantee that transactions are processed reliably.

Difference between IBM DB2 and MS SQL :

1. IBM DB2 was developed in 1983 by IBM. MS SQL was developed in 1989 by Microsoft.
2. It is implemented in C and C++ programming language. It is implemented in C++ programming language only.
3. AIX, HP-UX, LINUX, SOLARIS, WINDOWS are the server operating system. LINUX and WINDOWS are the server operating system.
4. ADO.NET, JDBC, JSON style queries, ODBC, Xquery are the access methods and API’s. ADO.NET, JDBC, OLE DB, ODBC, Tabular data scheme are the access methods and API’s.
5. There is no immediate consistency in this. Immediate consistency is achieved.
6. The rating of IBM DB2 is less than MS SQL. MS SQL has high rating as compared to IBM DB2.
7. It supports FORTRAN and PERL programming language. It does not supports FORTRAN and PERL programming language.
8. It does not supports javascript. It supports javascript (Node js).
9. Replication method is not dependent on SQL server edition. Replication method is dependent on SQL server edition.
10. Document store and RDF store are secondary database model. Document store and graph DBMS are secondary database model.

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