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Difference between IBM DB2 and Maria DB

  • Last Updated : 30 Jun, 2020

1. IBM DB2 :
IBM DB2 is a relational database which was developed by IBM in 1983. It is considered as a family of database management products which are build for AI. It has enhanced capabilities for performing transactions. It works on the principle of ACID and has high flexibility and performance. It has efficient backup facilities and is considered very secure. It is extremely reliable and is supported by Linux, Unix and Windows operating systems. It has a commercial license and has high scalability.

2. Maria DB :
Maria DB is an enhanced version of MySQL which was made by the original developers of MySQL to increase the functionality. Maria DB is an open source software. It is used worldwide because of its speed and its robust nature. It was developed by Maria DB enterprise in 2009. It is secure and has a inbuilt database firewall also. It is a relational database which has a SQL interface from which we can access data.

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Difference between IBM DB2 and Maria DB:

1.IBM DB2 serves as a family of data management products which is built for AI.Maria DB is an enhanced version of MySQL.
2.It has shared nothing architecture.It is not implemented by shared nothing architecture.
3.It has more efficient backup functionality as compared to Maria DB.It has comparatively less efficient backup functionality.
4.It was developed by IBM in 1983.It was developed by Maria Enterprise in 2009.
5.It is a commercial software.It is a open source software.
6.It has more scalability and availability as compared to Maria DB.It has comparatively less scalability and availability.
7.It doesn’t have inbuilt database firewall.It has inbuilt database firewall.
8.Multiple query languages like SQL, JSON, MDX, XML can be used in IBM DB2.SQL is used in Maria DB.
9.It cant be used in standalone program.It can be used in standalone program.
10.It has fixed data schema.Data schema is of dynamic type.
11.It is considered better than Maria DB in terms of ranking.It is considered less than IBM DB2 in terms of ranking.

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