Difference between Hypertext and Hypermedia

1. Hypertext :
Hypertext is a cross referencing tool which connects the links to other text using hyperlinks. Hypertext is non-linear and multi sequential and it is different from our normal text. By the help of hypertext one organized way is achieved to present information. This makes the user to move from one part of the information to another part of the information which is in same page or any other page. It makes the documentation simple by providing a way of easy accessible to the end user.

Example of Hypertext is that GeeksForGeeks is a computer science portal, when we read one article it uses hypertext to link other pages and when we click on that hypertext it takes to us to that page so that we we can gather more information related to the topic.

2. Hypermedia :
Hypermedia is the extension of Hypertext which includes multiple forms of media such as text, graphics, audio or video etc rather than only text based like hypertext. It provides a facility to connect the web pages to create a network with multimedia elements with a simple click for a better multimedia experience. Hypermedia allows links to be integrate in multimedia elements like images and videos and when we click on that it takes us to that page.

Example of hypermedia is that when we use e-commerce site say flipkart and when we click on any product it takes us to the specific product page which belongs to that. So here the link is embedded to the image.

Difference between Hypertext and Hypermedia :

01. Hypertext refers to the system of managing the information related to the plain text. Hypermedia refers to connecting hypertext with other media such as graphics, sounds, animations.
02. Hypertext involves only text. It involves graphics, image, video, audio etc.
03. Here only text becomes the part of link. It is enhanced version of hypertext here along with text other multimedia also becomes the part of link.
04. Hypertext is the part of hypermedia means it comes under hypermedia. Hypermedia is the superior entity which is the advanced version of hypertext.
05. It allows the user to navigate through text in a non linear way. It includes multimedia to improve the multimedia experience.
06. It simply allows users to move from one document to another with a single click on the hypertext or goto links. It extends the ability of hypertext and allows user to click text or any other multimedia to move one to another page.
07. Hypertext attracts to the user to move around the document as well as to move from one page of document to another. Hypermedia attracts the user more than the hypertext as it gives more flexibility of movement.
08. It provides a less user experience to the users than the hypermedia. It provides a better user experience to the users than the hypertext.
09. Example is reading an article on geeksforgeeks and clicking on any text moving to another page showing information on that topic. Example is reading an article in on geeksforgeeks and in article side one android course image coming and when we click on that image it takes us to the course related page of android.

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