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Difference between Human expert and Expert system

  • Last Updated : 21 Aug, 2020

1. Expert System :
The other name of expert systems is knowledge based systems. They are used for the real world problems like expert quality advice, diagnosis and recommendations. Basically, it is a type of computer program that is used to simulate the judgement and behavior of humans or an organization that has an expert knowledge and experience about the particular field. Building of an expert system requires a human expert that extract the required knowledge.

Figure – Expert System

2. Human Experts :
Human expert is an individual who has capability of recognizing the things in a superior way. For example: a doctor etc.

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Figure – Human Experts

Difference between Human expert and Expert system :

S.No.Human expertsExpert System
1.Use knowledge in the form of rules of thumbs or heuristics to solve problem in a narrow domain.It process knowledge expressed in the form of rules and use symbolic reasoning in narrow domain.
2.In a human expert we deal with human brain in which knowledge exists in a compiled form.It provide a clear separation of knowledge from its processing.
3.It is capable of explaining line of reasoning and providing the details.Expert system helps in tracing the rules that produced during a solving a problem and also explain how a that particular conclusion was reached and why specific data was needed.
4.It uses inexact reasoning and also able to deal with incomplete, uncertain and fuzzy information.It permits inexact reasoning and but able to deal with incomplete, uncertain and fuzzy data.
5.It enhances the quality of problem solving because of years of learning and practical training.It enhances the quality of problem solving by the addition of new rules or by adjusting the old ones in the knowledge base and when new knowledge is acquired, changes are easy to observe.
6.Human expert can be available at a specific working day.Expert system can be available wherever and at any time.
7.To solve any problem, human expert can take variable time.To solve any problem, expert system takes a very short interval of time.
8.It is not replaceable.It can be replacble.

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