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Difference between Hue and Pig

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  • Last Updated : 24 Jul, 2020

1. Pig :
Pig is used for the analysis of a large amount of data. It is abstract over MapReduce. Pig is used to perform all kinds of data manipulation operations in Hadoop. It provides the Pig-Latin language to write the code that contains many inbuilt functions like join, filter, etc. The two parts of the Apache Pig are Pig-Latin and Pig-Engine. Pig Engine is used to convert all these scripts into a specific map and reduce tasks. Pig abstraction is at a higher level. It contains less line of code as compared to MapReduce.

2. Hue :
Hue is a web user interface that provides a number of services and Hue is a Hadoop framework. Hue provides a web user interface along with the file path to browse HDFS. The most important features of Hue are Job browser, Hadoop shell, User admin permissions, Impala editor, HDFS file browser, Pig editor, Hive editor, Ozzie web interface, and Hadoop API Access. This web UI layout helps the users to browse the files, similar to that of an average windows user locating his files on his machine. Hue provides a web user interface to programming languages which is a handy tool for users to avoid syntax errors while executing queries. Hue can be installed or configured only using a web browser.

Difference between Pig and Hue :

Pig operates on the client side of a cluster.Hue is a web user interface which provides a number of services and Hue is a Hadoop framework.
It does not support JDBC.It supports JDBC.
Pig is implemented and accessed using a web UI Interface or a command line interface.Hue is implemented on a web browser where we can access multiple programs installed on Cloudera.
Pig does not support schema to store data.Hue supports schema for data insertion in tables.
It is used by Researchers and Programmers.It is mainly used by Data Analysts.
It is used to handle structured and semi-structured data.It is mainly used to handle structured data.
It does not support ODBC.It supports ODBC.
It supports Avro file format.It does not support Avro file format.
Pig uses map-reduce algorithm to process and analyze the data.Hue provides Web UI editor which can be accessed by Hive and other programming languages.

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