Difference between Holography and Photography

Holography and photography are two different techniques to generate images.

It is the technique used to generate 3-dimensional images using the phenomenon of Interference and diffraction of light. It uses monochromatic and coherent source of light and a hologram is needed to regenerate the image.

It is the technique used to generate 2-dimensional images of an 3-dimensional object. In this light reflect from the object strike on the photographic film and react with the chemical coating of the film. A lens is needed to focus the object on the photographic plate.

Difference between Holography and Photography:

S.NO Holography Photography
1. Holography is used to generate 3-dimensional images. Photography is used to generate 2-dimensional images.
2. Phenomenon used in holography is interference and diffraction of light. It uses reflection of light by the object to the photographic film.
3. Source of light should be monochromatic and coherent. No special type of light source is needed.
4. No lens are required to generate the holograph. Lens are required to focus on the object and generate the photograph.
5. Holography has high information capacity. Photography has less information capacity than holography.
6. Multiple images can be superimposed together. Multiple images can’t be superimposed together.

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